Geer Morton


        Table Still Life, 34" x 28"          

Thanks for looking at my website. Here you'll find something about myself, a selection of different subjects I paint, some thoughts on painting, and a much shortened list of collectors and collections. I've also included contact information for the dealers who are currently representing me.

My wife, Pat, and I live in San Diego in the winter, where I paint primarily still-lifes. Summers we live in Maine in a tiny fishing village on the Bay of Fundy, which allows me to concentrate on scenes of the disappearing small-town life and the fishing business. I also paint an occasional portrait of a friend (a hold-over from my old days as a serious portrait painter), and once in a while, a nude or two.

While it may sound like a fancy life, it's fancy only in the sense that we have had the luxury of choosing our surroundings. In fact we live modestly among working people for whom we feel great affection, and we always feel welcome. Nevertheless, I have to add that our neighbors do see us as a little odd.

I hope you enjoy this visit to a piece of my world.